Our company is called Corte Argentino and we import high quality Argentine meat. These meats are known by its tenderness obtained from the soils where they are fed and nourished during their growth.

We are purveyors of fine meats dedicated to the highest standards of quality and personal service in the Miami meat market. Our main target is the premium segment of restaurants, hotels, catering companies and home deliveries.

We combine the distribution of our products and our site to focus on giving the best possible service to our customers. We provide both retail and wholesale services. 

Our vision

To bring the true flavor of Argentine meat with different quality cuts into a competitive market. We will offer high quality beef, to be packaged and sealed in optimal conditions. We are a purveyor of fine Argentine beef in the USA.

Our mission

To excel in our market segment through the constant revision of quality and food safety. Provide a fine Argentine Angus Beef with high quality and hygiene standards in a traceable manner at competitive prices throughout Florida.

Who we are

Our marbled and flavorful Argentine Angus beef comes from cattle raised exclusively for Corte Argentino Usa.

We believe that when you know where and how your meat is raised, you are able to make better decisions for you and your family.

We decided to enter a market of great variety and quality meat, being an excellent distributor of Argentine Angus beef in the Miami Premium Market.

Our promise

After a long period of time, in which we were unable to share the flavor of Argentine meat with America, we are proud to announce that the best tasting meats in the world are entering the US market. It is an honor to be here with the our premium Meat from Argentina. We promise to give the tastiest meat in the world. We bring you the best selection of highest quality and flavor meats from Argentina. 

We do what we say with confidence and consistency. We take our clients demands and needs seriously, and we believe in long term partners.

We respect our customers and listen to them. We treat our customers fairly, no matter how big or small, and we behave with honesty and transparency. 

Certified Argentine Angus Beef - Quality beef

"Going to the source"

Argentina is well known for its exceptional beef quality. It is located in South America and it is one of the world’s largest beef exporters in the world. These animals are raised on free ranges and fed naturally on the excellent pastures in the pampas grassy plains in southern Argentina. The many breeds of cattle introduced to Argentina thrived in the pampas, grazing happily and often, resulting in leaner, more flavorful and nutritious beef. Because of its unique environment, the quality of pastures are perfect for cattle rearing.

The Angus are characterized for having black skin and lack of horns. The Angus breed also has a number of advantages in terms of quality and meat production, and has become a preferred breed by breeders and ranchers to reduce overgrowth problems in other livestock lines and breeds. From the combination of the climate, the land, and the vegetation, it is where Argentinian beef takes its unique and authentic flavor. We choose the best cuts of meat (Certified Argentine Angus Beef) from the best producers, in order to provide our customers with products of impeccable quality and focus on the traceability of our meats.