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Asado Box by Al Frugoni

Asado Box by Al Frugoni


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This box contains an amazing combination of tenderness and juiciness!

🥩 4 Ribeye steaks 14oz
🥩 Tri Tip 3.0 lbs
🥩 Picanha 3.0 lbs
🥩 Argentinian Sausage 1lb
🥩 2 Provolone cheese
🥩 Chimichurri pack (Regular and spicy)
🥩 1 Clay pot (Provoletera)

This is the perfect box for someone who loves a good Argentine-style asado. 

100% Argentine Angus Beef. 

Argentina is well known for its exceptional beef quality, being one of the world’s largest beef exporters. Argentinian cattle are raised in the grassy plain Pampas resulting in lean, flavorful and nutritious meat product of the soils where the cattle are fed. It’s the combination of the climate, the land and the vegetation what makes Argentina one of the richest places in terms of cattle-raising. Our black Angus cattle grow in free ranges grazing from natural grass.

Corte Argentino is purveyor of fine and premium quality meats, keeping up with the highest standards of our clients all over the U.S.A. We are also suppliers of some of the most exclusive restaurants, hotels and catering companies, providing both retail and wholesale services.

Products are shipped frozen to lock in flavor and might arrive frozen or partially thawed. 

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