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Nuke Delta 40-Inch Argentinian Estilo Gaucho Grill

Nuke Delta 40-Inch Argentinian Estilo Gaucho Grill


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The Nuke Argentinian-style gaucho grill elevates your grilling experience to a new level. Inspired by the centuries-long tradition of Gauchos grilling on the South American prairies, South American artisans handcraft this grill giving the unique design and features.

The Delta by Nuke will create a new grilling experience right in your backyard. The Delta 2 has 547 square inches of main cooking area and lined with refractory bricks for even heat performance. Adjust the grill grate with the handle and lock system to sear or slow cook when you need. Use the separate firebox to start or refuel your fire without affecting your cooking area. Distribute coals along the base when and where you need them, to give ultimate heat control of your grill. Close the attached lid on those windy days or when you want to create an oven or smoker effect. Use the front fold-down door for storing accessories or a warming shelf while you grill.

Saute vegetables or other delicate foods with the included grill pan. Add it to the top of the firebox for an extra 188 square inches of cooking space. Add your own outdoor skillet or wok for endless cooking possibilities. The steel cart has a wood base that is perfect for storing charcoal or other grill accessories. This cart has two swivel casters that roll on any patio surface and lock in place when you are ready to grill. This grill comes with a full-length vinyl cover, 30-inch fire poker, 30-inch shovel, and 19 5/8 by 9 5/8-inch grill pan.



  • EASY TO USE:  No need to be a grill master to learn to cook like a Gaucho!
  • LUMP CHARCOAL OR WOOD:  The versatility of the Nuke Delta allows you to adjust the heat easily by shifting the coals or raising or lowering the grill deck allowing you complete control from searing to slow cooking. 
  • REMOVEABLE FIREBOX: allows coals to freely fall grill bed allowing you to place them where you need them. 
  • ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT GRATE: with quick adjustment lever allows you to lower your food to the heat or raise it away from the coals in seconds.
  • REFEACTORY BRIKCS FOR MAXIMUM HEAT: These bricks line the grill body and allow for maximum heat retention and radiant cooking.
  • HEAVY DUTY CUSTOME GRIDDLE: Can be placed over the firebox or on grate, perfect for cooking your vegetables.
  • UNDERCABINET STORAGE AND FOOD WARMER: When the grill is fired the storage compartment heats to a comfortable temperature for keeping side dishes, bread, or even the main course warm.
  • HEAVY DUTY, 265 LBS OF CRAFTRED STEAL: This heavy-duty grill is built to last but easy to move. With the included heavy-duty casters, one person can easily roll this grill on any hard surface.
  • HUGE GRILLING AREA: 547 square inches of main cooking area. That’s 25 burgers at one time!


  • COVER - The Delta comes with a durable cover to protect it from the Sun and rain.
  • POKER – The Delta comes with a POKER that is used to distribute the coals about the base of the grill.
  • SHOVEL – The Delta comes with a shovel that can be used to transfer coals or for cleanup.
  • GRILL PLATE – The Delta comes with a Grill plate that is usually used on top of the fire box for flat surface grilling. 



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