• Unit weight (per piece): 2 - 3.5 lbs approx
  • Package: 1 piece 

The Picanha or Coullote: typical from Latin America, is a special cut that many claim to be one of the most tender area of the animal. This cut is lean and it is fantastically  prepared on the grill. It is very versatile and tasty, it can be marinated. Not only will you get the beef marbling, but you will also taste a top Angus beef Picanha made in Argentina. 

La tapa de cuadril o Picanha: típico corte en Latinoamérica, es un corte especial que muchos aclaman como uno de los más tiernos. Este corte es magro, queda excelente preparado a la parrilla, es muy versátil y sabroso. No solo va a obtener el marmoleado de carne de res, sino que estará comiendo Picanha premium de carne de res Angus hecha en Argentina 

❄️ Product is frozen before shipping to lock in flavor and will arrive frozen or partially thawed.

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Picanha/Cap of Rump (Tapa de cuadril)

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